Refund, Cancellation, and Shipping Policies

Full Scale Terms and Conditions

Price Estimates and Quoting

  1. Price estimates are good for 20 days from the day the estimate was received.
  2. Quotes are subject to change after 20 days, or when specifications, or quantities change.
  3. Full Scale is not liable or accountable for price increases that may occur up until final invoice is sent.
  4. All price quotes are not including shipping unless otherwise noted in writing.

Design and Creative

  1. Full Scale is an Agency of Record and abides by Best Practices in Design.
  2. All creative done by Full Scale is the property of Full Scale unless otherwise agreed upon in writing at the beginning of contract, or retainer based agency contracts.
  3. All usage of creative (outside of the aforementioned agreements) must be approved by Full Scale if the usage is outside of the Scope of Work agreed upon.
  4. Full Scale is not liable for any legal ramifications, trademark infringement, patent violations, or erroneous claims in design or typesetting.
  5. Errors and omissions in final product past customer approval of art are not covered or replaced by Full Scale.
  6. Full Scale assumes no liability in compliance with local, state or federal laws and regulations or for conflict with the rights of third parties in connection with trade-marks, designs, labels, copyrights, or unfair competition.
  7. Maximum liability covered by Full Scale in the event of any error on behalf of Full Scale are; replacement of spoiled product and complimentary design revisions.
  8. Full Scale cannot be held be liable for any damages due to timelines.
  9. Money paid toward design or design retainer must be used as such and cannot be transferred to product, or other services.
  10. Full Scale reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without expressing reason.

III. Printing

  1. Customers may provide their own artwork for any order.
  2. Submitted artwork for printing must contain the following;
  3. File Submission / Furnished Art Guidelines:
    1. 300 DPI resolution.
    2. .AI files both outlined and working.
    3. Separate layers for Art and Die lines or templates.
    4. Print Ready PDF’s to size.
    5. All links and Fonts must be packaged and included.
    6. CMYK or Pantone color builds.
    7. True and Accurate Tech packs (Die lines and Mock-ups).
    8. Standard Bleed at 0.125” with crop marks.
    9. If color match is critical – physical sample of the previous run must be submitted at the time order is placed.
  4. Any submissions that do not fulfill the above requirements are subject to delay and cannot be quality assured or guaranteed.
  5. Clean up, changes and revisions of customer provided artwork is billed at the hourly rate of $250, with a minimum of 20 minutes or $83.33.
  6. All submitted artwork is deemed “Print Ready” by the customer prior to printing. The customer is responsible for all spelling, grammar, design, color, and legibility of the artwork.
  7. Full Scale is not responsible for any errors or omissions.
  8. Full Scale assumes no liability in compliance with local, state or federal laws and regulations or for conflict with the rights of third parties in connection with trade-marks, designs, labels, copyrights, or unfair competition.
  9. Colors do not always print the same as they are viewed digitally. The only way to guarantee a color match is to furnish a specific Pantone color, which may incur an additional cost, and in some cases cannot be done. In cases where a Pantone match cannot be done or the customer does not wish to pay the additional fee to color match, Full Scale cannot guarantee a perfect color match and will not replace said item/s.
  10. Full Scale defers to Printing Industry standards set forth by the United States Government Printing Office.

IV. Spoilage

  1. All printing, promotional, or custom packaging orders are subject to a +/- 10% spoilage rate. Full Scale cannot be held liable on orders within this range.
  2. Customers may be credited for shortages, and charged for overages, noting that all transactions are to be deemed complete and final within this range.
  3. It is Full Scale’s recommendation that customers order 10% overs in any case when quantity is critical, and Full Scale cannot be liable for damages related to shortages when customer’s order is not accounting for spoilage margin.


V. Timelines and Turn Times

  1. Approximate lead-time will be given at the time of received Purchase Order or Placed Order, however; lead-times begin once art and pricing are finalized, approved and payment/deposit is received and cleared.
  2. An order would be considered “rush” if the customer requested a project be completed by any date prior to the approximated completion date provided by Full Scale.
  3. Should a customer need to rush an order, that order can incur a rush fee of 20% of the total invoice amount and is not guaranteed to hit deadline. However, in some cases there is NO rush option available.
  4. Full Scale operates on Best Practices in Manufacturing, and will execute the best due diligence possible to deliver orders on or before estimated delivery or completion dates. However, all estimated delivery/completion dates for any job are not guaranteed and Full Scale will not be held liable for any losses/damages due to a “late” or “delayed” order.

VI. Mylar

  1. All custom mylar orders are not quality guaranteed unless the minimum quantity order of 25,000 pieces or more is achieved.
  2. Custom mylar is produced overseas and as such, has a lead time of an estimated 8-12 weeks from art approval and receipt of deposit payment.
  3. Mylar is inherently a difficult substrate to manufacture, thus spoilage tolerances are acceptable up to 15% of total quantity order.

VII. Promotional Items and Third-Party Vendors

  1. Full Scale may sell items such as custom apparel, lanyards, hats, sunglasses, packaging, services, and promotional items etc… sourcing to third party vendors.
  2. Full Scale has chosen these vendors as reliable and quality partners in offerings for convenience to customer, and customer acknowledges that this is acceptable.

VIII. Shipping and Delivery

  1. All orders must be paid for prior to shipment booking, and are deemed FOB unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  2. International bookings for Ocean Freight may take between 2-15 days depending on the time of year. Bookings are not included in shipping timelines.
  3. Shipping costs are not marked-up by Full Scale, thus are due within 48 hours of receipt.
  4. Any shipping bill that is 5 days past due will incur a 10% finance charge per 5 business days, compounded weekly.
  5. Any Air, Express, or LCL Shipment that is 5 days or more past due may incur up to 15% finance charge per 5 days, compounded weekly.
  6. Any customer may use their own logistics or freight forwarder. However, a 2% – 5% fee may be assessed for Handling charges in such cases.
  7. Full Scale delivers door-to-door. Any warehousing is to be considered a Third Party Logistics deal, and may incur additional costs. Unless otherwise noted in Scope of Work or in writing, these costs range from $150 per pallet – $300 per pallet, per month. Pallet is 4 x 4 x 6 ft.
  8. Local delivery or regional shipping is not included in the price if Full Scale is receiving the shipment at HQ.

IX. Duties, Customs, Tariffs, Taxes, and Other

  1. Extra costs are not included in the base shipping cost. Full Scale includes these costs included when possible, but cannot be held liable, accountable, or responsible when these costs increase or are not included.
  2. The global economy changes rapidly, and the current political climate is ever-changing, thus Full Scale cannot guarantee that these costs are covered in full by estimates. Full Scale can only estimate these costs, not guarantee them. These costs can range from 2% – 25% of the invoice amount, depending on the item, shipping method, destination, weight, size, industry, etc…
  3. As these are unforeseen costs on both sides, Full Scale requires payment within 3 business days of receipt. Full Scale reserves the right to charge up to 7% interest on these amounts after 5 business days past due from time of receipt.
  4. In the event of a Customs Seizure, Full Scale will provide assistance in reclaiming product, but will not be liable for replacement of order seized, nor file customs claims on behalf of clients product in Full Scale’s name.
  5. Full Scale does not mark-up shipping, or any other fee associated with transport of Marijuana or CBD packaging or promotional items, and cannot be held liable for interruptions, delays, seizures, confiscations, or any other legal implication derived from assisting clients in importing goods.
  6. Full Scale is a manufacturer only in this regard, and any customer may facilitate their own shipping and importing on any project.
  7. This offered service provided by Full Scale is solely a customer service, not a profit generator, and is to be considered as such.

X. Returns, Spoilage, and Verification

  1. All orders are subject to +/- 10% spoilage rate.
  2. Custom packaging products that have been approved by client are not subject to return or exchange, provided Full Scale’s verification that products have been delivered in acceptable condition and within internal QC standards.
  3. In-House manufactured item returns may require a 2% re-stocking fee if product is deemed to be acceptable.
  4. All returns or claims for relief must be verified and approved by Full Scale Management, and claims must be made within 10 business days of delivery.
  5. Return shipping costs may be covered by Full Scale if deemed un-acceptable quality, or out of quality standards.
  6. In an event where more than 10% spoilage occurs, Full Scale will replace at it’s own cost the difference in missing quantity.
  7. Non-Performing Packaging; In the event that custom packaging sourced from a partner factory performs poorly, or not as well as samples, Full Scale will negotiate a solution with factory on behalf of client to produce a satisfactory result. This may be a replacement order, discount, refund, or other. However, if Full Scale determines that delivered end product is of same quality as sample, there may be no resolution.

XI. Child Resistant Packaging

  1. Full Scale’s In-House manufacturing of Child Resistant Products are either tested and certified by CPSC or ASTM approved testing facilities, or certified “To Standards” by our in-house factory.
  2. According to CFR 17.200 to the ASTM standards, manufacturers of CRP products may self certify IF they are the manufacturer of the product, versus an importer or third party distributor.
  3. CPSC Certifications on In-House products have been tested within the U.S., however, Full Scale does not provide testing information publicly, due to unauthorized use of such testing reports by re-sellers and distributors. This information is available to customers of Full Scale only by request.
  4. Full Scale does not claim “Child Proof”, only “Child Resistant” as called for in both CPSC and ASTM standards. The term “Child Proof” is frowned upon by Full Scale as a misleading and non-compliant phrase.

XII. Payment

  1. All custom jobs require a deposit up front, prior to printing, and in certain cases, the full amount of a job is due up front. Full Scale accepts all credit/debit cards, checks or cash.
  2. Customers that are 30+ days late on payments (non-international, sourced, or 3PL) are subject to a 10% finance charge on past due amount, compounded monthly.
  3. Returned Checks are a $250 – $1,000 charge depending on the amount the check is written for.
  4. Canceled orders past deposit are subject to $150 non-refundable fee, and may include additional wire costs.
  5. All wire transfers, ACH payments, or PayPal payments are subject to additional fees and costs, if there are costs relayed onto Full Scale for said transaction.
  6. By paying the invoice or deposit, customer acknowledges and agrees to the Terms and Conditions herein.
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