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Frequently Asked Questions and How-to

Find answers to frequently asked questions and instructions for using our online design tool.

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  1. Who and what is Full Scale? 
    1. The Full Scale team has worked together since 2014 when a group of skilled tradesmen joined forces in their respective fields of Design and Creative, Printing and Packaging, and Manufacturing. We are a new breed of Creative Agency; Agency of Record meets In-House Manufacturing. No longer an Agency of Record but an Agency of Requirement. A breed not easily replicated or replaced, this is a whole new way of doing business. The streamlined services we offer are necessary for today’s lightning-fast marketplace, where our clients depend on a multitude of fresh products from concept to delivery. We know your product, and we are your market.
  2. I’m interested in investing in your packaging business, who can I get in contact with? 
    1. We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in investing in Full Scale, please get in touch with our president by emailing [ Justin@fullscaleco.com
  3. What other services do you offer at Full Scale? 
    1. At Full Scale, we’re a design agency offering way more than just traditional packaging solutions. Our services include label application, label design layout, custom packaging design, logo design, apparel and merchandise design, custom branding, animation, social media management, and website design. You can view other examples of our work on our agency page: https://www.fullscaleco.com/
    2. We specialize in custom packaging solutions for the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries and we can service your canna-business anywhere in the world. Check out our ‘Showroom blog’ and ‘Work tab’ on our website to see more of our work. 
  4. Do you have a distributor program? 
    1. Yes, If you are interested in becoming a distributor of compliant, quality, packaging hard goods; please fill out the form using this link. We will contact you as soon as possible. 
  5. How do I go about placing a wholesale order or bulk order for multiple dispensaries? 
    1. If you’re interested in wholesale pricing or ordering bulk quantities for multiple dispensary locations please contact us at: sales@fullscaleco.com 
  6. I am interested in having a new logo designed, can you do that too? 
    1. Absolutely! We specialize in branding, logo design and more at Full Scale and we would love to help you with logo design packages, send an email to our design agency, sales@fullscaleco.com (please attach any art or logo files, if available) 
  7. I am interested in having a new label or custom box designed, can you do that too? 
    1. Yes, we do that too! We specialize in custom packaging, box design, label design layout, apparel design and more at Full Scale and we would love to help you with custom box designs. You can fill out our quote form or send an email to sales@fullscaleco.com 
  8. Do you have a blog? Where do you showcase past and recent packaging projects
    1. We sure do, check out our Showroom blog to stay updated with our design agency and most recent projects: https://www.fullscaleco.com/the-showroom-blog/ 
  9. What’s your social? How can I find you on IG, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook? 
    1. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fullscaleco/ 
    2. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fullscaleinc
    3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/FullScaleCo
    4. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/full-scale/ 
    5. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channeUCFDfdHG6WvFT65ALTm_FQ-w
  10. Can I visit your showroom in Arvada, Colorado? How can I set up a time to come in for an in-person meeting?
    1. Yes, we enjoy bringing clients into our facility in beautiful Arvada, Colorado – if you’re interested in setting up a time to chat with our team about custom packaging, logo design packages or custom merch please email us today: sales@fullscaleco.com 
  11. Are you guys currently hiring? 
    1. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn, Indeed pages to review any available job openings or email us and let us know why you should be apart of our team: info@fullscaleco.com 
  12. Where are your warehouses located? And where do your plastic products come from?
    1. We have two facilities in the United States: Arvada, Colorado and Irvine, California 
    2. Our plastic products are made at our plastic injection molding facility in Shanghai, China. Our overseas factory in Shanghai can rapidly maneuver plastic injection molding and the production of numerous hard goods for packaging flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, or edibles. Full Scale’s capabilities extend to vaporizer hardware including cartridges, batteries, chargers and disposable pens. We design and create the plastic injection molds as well as produce the final products.
  13. Do you service Canadian dispensaries or how can I order from my canna-business abroad?
    1. Yes we do! You can either place an order online, or you can reach out to sales@fullscaleco.com and one of our Account Executives will get right back to you.
  14. Can I apply for payment terms? If so, how do these work
    1. We do not offer terms on blank packaging. If you have a custom project and would like to discuss this with an Account Executive please reach out to Sales@fullscaleco.com.
  15. Where’s my order? How do I check an online order status.
    1. A tracking number will be sent to the email address provided by you.
  16. Is there a minimum order amount?
    1. The minimum order is one case. We do not split up cases for smaller orders. Please look carefully at the bottles per case quantity, as each size bottle has a different count per case.
  17. Can I pay with cash?
    1. Yes, if you visit our Colorado or California location in person or arrange for cash on pick up order.
  18. Is paying with credit card my only payment option? What other payment options are there
    1. We accept Cash, Check, or Card. Note that for any blank packaging order the invoice must be paid in full before it leaves our facility.
  19. What is the cut off time for orders to be processed: same day? Over the weekend?
    1. Any small parcel order (Less than 25 cases) placed before 2pm will ship out same day. LTL (over 25 cases) will be palletized and sent out next day. If the order is placed after 2pm MST it will ship out the next business day.
  20. Do you accept walk-in orders?
    1. Yes, if you visit our Colorado or California location in person and are prepared for payment on pick up.
  21. Can you recycle Full Scale pop tops?
    1. Full Scale is proud to offer compliant, child-resistant pop top containers that are 100% recyclable. As the cannabis packaging regulations continue to fluctuate from state to state, we set out to design and manufacture our own line of containers that meet and exceed the packaging and recycling requirements everywhere! We use BPA-Free Polypropylene Plastic #5, or PP5, for our line of pop top containers. Today, this type of plastic is accepted by nearly all recycling services. Most city single-stream recycling services will accept used cannabis pop top containers as long as they are clean, dry and display one of the acceptable recycling codes, like PP5.
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