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pop top bottles

We've designed our line of pop top bottles to be the best compliant packaging available. We produce our child-resistant flower packaging in black, white and any custom ordered colors. Our pop tops are ideal for any dispensary looking for compliant, child-resistant containers to secure your terps.

Custom Labeled Flower Packaging

Customization of our products is something we urge all of our customers towards. Custom labeled flower packaging provides the creative edge of a beautifully branded product that will stand out among the crowd of generic unbranded products.

flower packaging
flower packaging
flower packaging
flower packaging
custom concentrate packaging

Looking for something different? Ready to start your custom concentrate packaging? Give Full Scale a shout and let's find the perfect solution for your product.

    Stand Out

    Full Color Labels Applied

    Design your custom label Right Now! Choose your Poptop size and upload your design or create your label with our design tool.

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